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Services Offered

Integrated Equine Bodywork/Massage

I enjoy working with horses of any breed and discipline,  including the all important pasture ponies.  A session will start by you filling out an intake form which gives me a bit of history on your horse as well as any issues you may be having.  Then, I will palpate your horse to see if and where there may be pain or restrictions.  This method is non-invasive and described as peeling layers off an onion.  It may take more than one session to fully relieve your horse and will depend on how long the horse has been holding on to the pain/restriction, whether or not it is a primary or secondary issue, level of training and workload.  Maintenance sessions are recommended for chronic conditions, higher level athletes and horse's under stress.    

$100.00 horse/session.  No mileage charge for horses within 100km. $0.55/km will be added after 100km and gst is included in pricesA 10% discount will be given to horses hauled in to Takoda Ranch, which has a heated barn or to barns that have three plus horses in one day.  Horses should be lightly groomed with a properly fitted halter and sessions usually go anywhere from 1 - 2 hours depending on what the horse has to say.  I encourage horse owners/handlers to attend the session but also understand that isn't always possible.  Please let me know beforehand whether or not someone will be present and if not,  I will look after your horse and give you feedback on my findings.  


Interactive Demo/Workshops

These are fun and interactive workshops where you will learn to do 3- 4 of the techniques with your horse as well as meeting like minded people (which is always fun!).  I will explain the method, pressures used, demo the technique and then give you time to go and practice with your horse before learning the next technique.  It is an introduction to the Masterson Method® and most participants do decide they would like to go on to the 2-day Course as the results are immediate, obvious and very rewarding.  If not wanting to continue your education (there is no pressure), participants still leave with a skillset to soften, bond and help their horse release tension.  $100.00 horse/handler and you are encouraged to bring your own horse but if that is not possible, Takoda Ranch will supply you with a great teacher for the afternoon.  These workshops run from 1:00-4:00 and only have 5-8 participants with no auditing due to limited space.  In the winter, we can work in heated stalls (5 spaces) and in the summer, we can work in the indoor arena (8 spaces) as it is not heated.  Anyone interested or have any questions can phone, text or email me as I only advertise a few a year but can create a waiting list and host more workshops.


Group/Club Demos

I am available to explain the Masterson Method®and demo the Bladder Meridian to any horse club,  4h, or pony club.  Cost is 25.00 plus mileage if it is outside of the 100km radius.  Horses would need to be present in order to practice and work with the newly acquired skill.  Feel free to contact me by text, phone or email with any questions you may have or if you would like to book. 


Masterson Method® Coaching

If you are a fieldwork student and just want more practice and help but not marking to move on to the next block, I am available.  Cost is $50.00/hr. and gst is included in the price.  If you want Coaching to move to the next block, you will need to contact and schedule through the Office.


Western horsemanship and riding lessons

I am a Certified, licensed and insured Equine Canada Western Coach that provides horsemanship as well as riding lessons, focusing on Safety.  It is encouraged to haul in your own horse for 45.00/hr or can use one of ours for $65.00/hr.  Travel is possible within 100km radius and to approved sites only which will be at my discretion. 

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